USBC Lansing Association Homepage

Lansing USBC

Mission Statement:

to manage, serve and promote The Game of Bowling in the Lansing area, at all levels of play; 

to assist member teams and participants in their various forms of involvement with The Game;

to adhere to all of The Laws of The Game; 

and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people as possible in Bowling activities.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please review the News and Notes section concerning upcoming rules changes for the 2019 season and 2020 season.

Upcoming Events

Fall Leagues

Fall leagues are now forming!  Please contact a Lansing area bowling center to learn more about joining the fun of league bowling. 

Royal Scot (517) 321-3071  

Spare Time (517) 337-2695

City Limits East (517)337-1383   

City Tournaments

Mens, Womens, and Youth City Tournaments are on the horizon!  

Check back for updates on dates and forms.  


Have a question for the Lansing USBC Association?  Question concerning a bowling rule? Interested in joining a sanctioned league in the Lansing area?  Complete the form below for additional assistance.