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  Senior and Super Senior Friends:


It was certainly a sad and unfortunate closing to our Mini-Match Season last March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately the immediate future is unknown. With this email I want to give you an update on what we know and don’t know.


As you may have heard last spring, Roger and I are retiring from active tournament management of the Senior Mini-Matches. Mike Charlow and Al Valenzio will be taking on most of the tournament management responsibilities this season. Both of them come with experience and of course Mike has been involved with our tournaments the past couple years both as a sponsor and working the tournament table. Roger and I will continue to provide support and assistance during this transition, especially this coming season.


We met this week and are sharing with you our tournament plans as we know it today. Of course, given the Covid-19 issues, both governmentally and personally, plans can change with little notice. At this time, we will not be scheduling any Senior/Super Senior tournaments until at least December. Hopefully soon we will find out if bowling houses will even be able to open for the normal 2020-21 season and under what requirements and guidelines. Even if the houses are open, how many “seniors” will want to bowl given their own health condition or the safety regulations bowling lanes will be mandated to implement. How many will of you will even want to bowl with a mask on?  No more high fives! How many bowlers on a lane?


Once the season gets started, we will consider the existing conditions and hopefully in November be able to put together a schedule starting tournaments in December that will provide the atmosphere and fun we have been experiencing in the past. In addition, we will be working to contact our sponsors and find out who if, any are in position to support us again. Also, what lanes will be able to accommodate us if the guidelines put a limit on capacity or lane usage.


Once the regular season begins, we will learn more and will keep you informed of our plans. We welcome your feedback, either to this email or in person when we see each other. In the meantime, hopefully each of you are healthy enough to begin the bowling season if and when it begin.


Bowling buddies.. Roger, Mike, Al and Jim.

  2019-20 Senior SCRATCH Match Game Tournament 

Sponsored by LAFCU - Century 21/MC - Young Chevrolet-Ionia/St.Johns/Owosso- Smith Lawnscape-St. Johns
Hex's Heroes - Mr. K's ProShop/Radical/ Dave Spohn - Mike Billiet - Sport Stop

Click HERE for PDF of the 2019-2020 Schedule

  2019 Senior "120" Doubles Actual Tournament

Co-Sponsored by Young Chevrolet, Smith Lawnscape, Mike Hecksel, Century 21-MC, LAFCU & Mike Billiet

Click HERE for PDF of the Rules and Application form 

Check back often for results